Bedrock Roads licenses technology from Lithified Technologies. These are videos relating to this amazing, proven road technology.

LithTec™ Process:

An overview of the amazing LithTec™ installation process.

Chip Seal on LithTec™ Interview:

To do world class roads, you need an impressive base!

Duchesne County LithTec™ Roads:

Utah Senator David Hinkins & Representative Eric Hutchings give interview on site Roosevelt, Utah.

Lower Road Maintenance Costs - Duchesne County LithTec™ Roads:

Lower Road Maintenance Costs! Interview with Commissioner Irene Hanson and Senator Ronald Winterton.

LithTec Webinar 9-24:

55 Minute LithTec™ Webinar with engineering details.

Durango News - LithTec Roads:

Durango, Colorado News station provides details on using LithTec in Colorado.

Six Lithified Technologies Users Report:

Public Works directors, mayors, or road directors report on their experience with LithTec roads.

New LithTec Road in Almond Fields of Stanislaus County:

A new LithTec road is installed near Modesto, California. This will be a great road for large trucks laden with almonds.

Review of 2 LithTec Roads, Install of 3rdLithTec Road:

Feedback on 2 roads installed previous year and why San Juan County likes LithTec roads

San Juan County, Utah - New LithTec Road:

KSL Channel 5, Salt Lake City, Utah, covers the LithTec™ road construction process in San Juan County, Utah. Interview with Ben Musselman, San Juan County Public Works Director

New Mexico LithTec Install and Interview:

Full interview with Larry Moore, Road Superintendent and Chairman of the New Mexico Public Works County Association (for 33 NM counties) installed LithTec™ highway.

KSL-NBC News Reports on San Juan Road:

KSL-NBC_REPORTs on Tremendous Savings for San Juan County in Monticello, Utah.

Santa Teresita Drive - FDR Project:

A Full Depth Reclamation project using LithTec. With the high water table, Sunland Park, NM needed a better solution.