What about chip seal?

Duchesne Road Construction

Bedrock Roads - Roads with a Solid Rock Base!

Roads built with a sand and gravel base can hold up for years only with much maintenance. However, budgets run short leaving so many counties facing repairs on hundreds of miles of FAILING asphalt roads. Civil engineers and civic leaders search diligently for solutions, but find few choices with little funding to go around.

We now announce a Bedrock solution with introduction of the Lithification process. This startling innovation turns soil, sand, silt, and clay into SOLID ROCK. With this disruptive technology, failing asphalt and gravel roads can be milled into high quality long lasting roads using the on-site road materials and soils. This technology is a game-changer with no more need to haul away existing road material. We simply Lithify what is in place, and we also save the environment in so many other ways that can be illustrated at your jobsite.

What if we actually can help you turn most any failing road into a solid Bedrock Road for much less than the cost of a typical asphalt surface ? A lithified road is actually easier to install & maintain at a typical savings of around 30% and up to 80% LESS COST!

Then finish the road with a variety of surfaces such as a high-performance chip seal, or asphalt. IMAGINE!

  • Build new roads for much less compared to asphalt
  • Recycle failing asphalt roads in place
  • Recycle failing gravel roads in place

Many Uses
  • Full depth reclamation
  • Value engineering
  • Treating clay (better than lime)
  • Multi-use paths
  • New roads
  • Recycled roads
  • Soil stabilization
  • Railway maintenance roads
  • Mountain roads
  • Asphalt road alternatives
  • Gravel road alternatives
  • Concrete road alternatives
  • Failing asphalt roads
  • As a base under rubberized asphalt
  • Caliche soil for roads
  • Clay soil problems
  • Haul roads
  • Oil and gas roads
  • Use in place of soil cement
  • Avoid the need for microfracturing of soil cement
  • Soil lithification
  • Base solutions for asphalt road
  • Base soutions for concrete road
  • High ductile road base
  • High ductile roads
  • Other uses are being researched, such as for the containment of hazardous materials, industrial pond liners, reservoir lining to prevent water loss, and more.